Group Project at HAWK together with Clara Valentin,
supported by Prof. Andreas Schulz, Reiner Schneider
and the Faculty of Engineering and Health

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Dynamische Bild Clara und Plasma und Stuhl
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The corona pandemic and it`s invisible, rapid transmission of infectious disease have greatly unsettled many people around the world and led to frustration, loneliness and discord. The project PAC has found ways to prevent a breakdown of public life and work in the future.
PAC is a low-maintenance air purifier that uses special plasma technology to eliminate viruses and germs from the ambient air.

For this purpose, the room air is drawn in from below, coarsely cleaned by a pre-filter and then disinfected in a plasma source. The air stream then passes through an activated carbon filter unit which filters out the ozone produced during the process and allows clean, germ-free air to escape upwards. At times when there is no one in the room for a long time, e.g. at night, the ozone mode can be activated. In this mode, an access opens to a bypass that bypasses the activated carbon. This allows the ozone to escape unhindered and disinfect the ambient air and all surrounding surfaces. Light signals in the device lid indicate which mode the air purifier is in.
Instead of the surface plasma used in previous devices, a volume plasma has been integrated in PAC which results not only in a superficial but also in a controlled overall cleaning of the room air. The targeted, safety-conscious use of the ozone is also one of the technical innovations that optimally exploits the potential of the individual components.

However, it is not only the technology that is impressive, but also the contemporary design. The balancing act between clear edges, soft curves, playful details and a serious user interface shows that technology and aesthetics can be closely linked and that the technical-medical principle of plasma cleaning can become accessible to everyone.

Date: 2021